Client Testimonials

“OK…can I say you are AMAZING at what you do???? The pictures of Happy are so precious! We are going to have a hard time choosing which ones to print. You totally captured her personality. I’ll admit I shed a few tears looking at her images. :) We will treasure these for our lifetime!!”

–Cheri Carandanis
Portland, Oregon
July 2011


“It is impossible to recommend H2Meyer more highly. Their photography, graphic design work and website development have exceeded all our expectations. Not only were the final products exceptional but the process at each step was a joy, fostering the creativity of all those involved. H2Meyer is an exceptional value, there may be no better designer at any price!”

–Craig Nielsen
Owner, Shasta Trout
Mt. Shasta, CA
June 2009


“They are so amazing! I feel like a beautiful person. You just raised my self esteem multiple 200%. Theo and I can’t decide which ones we want. I marked a few for sure, but still have to figure out the rest.  I will try and figure them all out by tomorrow night.  Awesome job!”

–Sonia-Marie Leikam
Portland, Oregon
September 2008


“Hanmi’s photos are absolutely beautiful, and she has such a large catalog of both color and black and white to choose from. I purchased one as a gift and had a hard time picking just the one. My friend now has this print on top of the fireplace as the centerpiece of the room. Buying one of Hanmi’s prints is an affordable, worthwhile investment of a piece of art you will enjoy for a long time.”
Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, High Integrity

–Karen Goat
Portland, Oregon
July 2008


“Dear Ms. Meyer, My Husband and I have just viewed the photos you took at Thad and Leah’s wedding. Your work is fabulous. We have enjoyed reliving the day. Thank you so much for a job well done.”

–Ron and Patty Schoenberg
San Francisco, California
May 2008


“Hi Hanmi — Leah forwarded the link to the photo gallery you created… wow! The photos are WONDERFUL! You got some lovely, emotional, memorable shots. Can’t wait to have an album of them to treasure! Thanks so much for the excellent work.”

–Heidi Frey Greenwald
Los Angeles, California
May 2008


“Our program has served the community for years, but we always struggled to document it well. Instead of capturing our volunteers performing home repairs in an interesting way, we had been settling for the mediocre and unimaginative – but working with Hanmi has changed all that. Her photos instantly breathe life & beauty into a process that was once bland & crude in print. The skill she employs to capture candids, the personality she radiates during a shoot and her keen eye all make for truly remarkable photographs. Hanmi has made our materials better and our jobs easier; she is head and shoulders above the rest.”

Community Builders Program
REACH Community Development
Portland, Oregon
April 2008


“Hanmi photographed me for my website and a book proposal which was reviewed by several prominent publishing companies. She conducted the shoot in a very professional manner and turned the prints around on a tight deadline with lightening speed. Her photography shooting style is versatile for both products and portraits and with great precision, she produces breathtakingly beautiful images. Hanmi also designed the logo for my company. The logo has received an immense amount of praise in the U.S. and abroad. The logo Hanmi designed was like putting a rug in a room…it tied everything in the company together. I highly recommend Hanmi for photography and design projects.
Top qualities: Great Results, High Integrity, Creative”

–Lisa B. Helfer
Yoga for Weddings
Seattle, Washington
February 2008


“Wow! Is that really my daughter! Just got to see them… you have nailed it really… unbuckinbelievable… Thank you”

“Thank you as they’re really beautiful. Muireann’s braces are on now so it was nice to get the before shots! I really appreciate you coming out yesterday on such short notice and getting great shots of the girls.”

“Thank you for all your help. I really appreciate you giving up your time to help me and for taking pictures that I feel truly reflect me, and not some staged, made up, fake version of Caoimhe.”

–Ronan Family
Portland, Oregon
September 2007