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Up, up, and away!

Tuesday, October 21st, 2008

Montague Balloon Fair, California

As usual, time is a flying… The bad news last month was that PhotoShelter Collection was shutting down. The good news this month is that they have finally put some energy into the PhotoShelter Archive. It’s almost good enough that I am contemplating moving the bulk of my site there. It’s kind of half done at the moment. I put a “recent work” slideshow on my homepage, and added a link to “galleries” which takes you to my newly restyled PhotoShelter Archive where lots more work is available. Now it’s time to start uploading more content!

PhotoShelter Collection Widget

Wednesday, May 7th, 2008

I thought I would throw out a bit of eye candy today in the way of slideshow of my images that are part of the PhotoShelter Collection. As posted previously, PhotoShelter is looking to shake up the world of stock photography by putting more control, and more money back into the hands of the photographers. Can’t find fault with that! Now if only some national magazine with deep pockets would actually buy something… enjoy!

*hint: if you want more info on the photo, rolling your cursor over the image will bring up part of the caption. You can also click on the image to get more details, though you may have to enable pop-up windows.

Algonquin Long Table Party

Monday, May 5th, 2008

My very good friends Albert & Maureen host a grand dinner party a couple times a year, each with an inspired theme. My favorite part, aside from seeing great friends and meeting new people is definitely the “party piece” performed by each guest. It can be a song, poem, reading, or some other talent that is shared with the group. While this may sound terrifying, even the shy folks put on an inspired performance. I took along my camera for the most recent party, which had a theme based on the Algonquin Round Table of Dorothy Parker fame. You can view the gallery on my PhotoShelter Archive.

PhotoShelter Collection goes live

Wednesday, November 14th, 2007

The PhotoShelter Collection officially went live to buyers on Monday morning. To the best of my knowledge, there have not been any sales as of yet, but there are over 250,000 images [and counting] that are available. I have only managed to get 52 images in… but considering I’ve only submitted 64 in total, I’m OK with my numbers [I definitely have room to improve, though]. This week I’ve been perusing the collection trying to get a better feel for what the editors want to see, and then digging through my archives accordingly. I’ve also decided to stop submitting uncompressed TIFs, and go with high res JPGs instead. It seems many of us new to the stock world took the technical requirements a bit literally and suffered through long upload times with 29mb TIF files…

PhotoShelter Collection

Thursday, October 18th, 2007

PhotoShelter has launched a new edited stock photography site called “The PhotoShelter Collection” and aims to shake up how stock is bought and sold in today’s digital world. Among its notable qualities, they offer photographers a 70% commission, and give you the freedom to also post/sell through other means. It is free to join, but there is a pretty strict application process with a long list of requirements, and each photo is reviewed by an editor. This almost scared me away, but I submitted my application on Monday with 10 images, and found out this morning that I have been accepted as a contributing photographer. What’s more, 9 of my 10 original submissions have been approved, and two of them are Editor’s Choice.

I’ve long pondered entering the world of stock photo sales, but to be honest, have never particularly found the process or the companies all that compelling. Until PhotoShelter, that is. This is definitely a good fit in terms of content, style, attitude, and compensation. I am very happy.