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PhotoShelter has launched a new edited stock photography site called “The PhotoShelter Collection” and aims to shake up how stock is bought and sold in today’s digital world. Among its notable qualities, they offer photographers a 70% commission, and give you the freedom to also post/sell through other means. It is free to join, but there is a pretty strict application process with a long list of requirements, and each photo is reviewed by an editor. This almost scared me away, but I submitted my application on Monday with 10 images, and found out this morning that I have been accepted as a contributing photographer. What’s more, 9 of my 10 original submissions have been approved, and two of them are Editor’s Choice.

I’ve long pondered entering the world of stock photo sales, but to be honest, have never particularly found the process or the companies all that compelling. Until PhotoShelter, that is. This is definitely a good fit in terms of content, style, attitude, and compensation. I am very happy.

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