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Retouching: how much is enough?

Monday, December 1st, 2008

Here are some examples of the levels of retouching that can be done for portaits. The standard, or “normal” amount of retouching is shown in example #2, and is typically included in my portrait, senior, and wedding packages. The “glamour” level shown in example #1, is much more labor intensive and must be done on a per image basis, can be added, but as a typical photo adds anywhere from 10-30 minutes per shot to my processing time, I must charge for the additional effort. The good news is people rarely want this level of retouching on more than a few photos, in which case costs can be kept at a reasonable level.  Even more extreme corrections can be done, and are priced by time required to get the desired result.

The lovely couple pictured here are my dear parents.  We had some fun taking a few informal portraits over the holidays.

Glamour style retouching

example #1: "Glamour" retouching - roll your mouse over the image to see the original shot

normal retouching

example #2: "Normal" retouching - roll your mouse over the image to see the original shot

Up, up, and away!

Tuesday, October 21st, 2008

Montague Balloon Fair, California

As usual, time is a flying… The bad news last month was that PhotoShelter Collection was shutting down. The good news this month is that they have finally put some energy into the PhotoShelter Archive. It’s almost good enough that I am contemplating moving the bulk of my site there. It’s kind of half done at the moment. I put a “recent work” slideshow on my homepage, and added a link to “galleries” which takes you to my newly restyled PhotoShelter Archive where lots more work is available. Now it’s time to start uploading more content!

Weddings, road trips, and more testimonials

Monday, August 18th, 2008

Well, it has been a very busy summer. Been dividing my time between photography projects, weddings, rock climbing & travel, web development, and our urban homestead [which we like to call “InStead“].

It is time, however, to focus on the business, and as such I have gotten myself a mentor. Ethan Jewett, a good friend and wonderful talent has agreed to take me under his wing. This will definitely keep me busy for a while. I think I’m already booked solid for the week! I’m very excited and grateful for the tutelage.

My own website is woefully overdue for an overhaul, but in the meantime, I have updated the testimonials page to include some more recent raves, and have uploaded a few more pics to my Flickr page.

PhotoShelter Collection Widget

Wednesday, May 7th, 2008

I thought I would throw out a bit of eye candy today in the way of slideshow of my images that are part of the PhotoShelter Collection. As posted previously, PhotoShelter is looking to shake up the world of stock photography by putting more control, and more money back into the hands of the photographers. Can’t find fault with that! Now if only some national magazine with deep pockets would actually buy something… enjoy!

*hint: if you want more info on the photo, rolling your cursor over the image will bring up part of the caption. You can also click on the image to get more details, though you may have to enable pop-up windows.

Green web hosting?

Wednesday, April 16th, 2008

Well, in my effort to think up new ways to make my business effort greener, it occurred to me today to look into finding a green web host. Much to my delight there were several to choose from, each offering various incentives like free software, access to sustainable marketing guides/libraries, planting trees for new customers, multiple/unlimited domains, etc. My favorite after reading through all the options is ThinkHost and I will now be referring anyone who asks to them. I will likewise be moving my own sites to ThinkHost as they come up for renewal. And better still, I can put them all on the same hosting account. Yay!